Bayan Al Shifa Company

Who are we?

A Libyan company specialized in the field of importing medicines and medical equipment. The company was founded in 2012 in Tripoli. it aspires to advance the health sector in Libya for the private and public sectors. Also, It seeks with all our energies and capabilities to provide the best services in providing medical equipment and medicines for hospitals, clinics and individuals, and maintenance of health buildings. The company has many agencies, including the agency for DIAMOND DIAGNOSTIC

Quality and safety policy

The elements of quality and safety are among the most important elements that we put among our priorities that we cannot compromise on, and for many years we have been providing medical products from medicines and medical equipment of high quality and from reliable sources from major specialized international companies

Our message

The quality of our products is a message that we do not deviate from. We are keen to provide the best products at the best prices from the best international companies

Company vision

We strive with all our energies and capabilities to provide the best services in the provision of medical equipment and medicines to hospitals, clinics and individuals and the maintenance of health buildings

Our goal

Providing the best available products in the provision of medicines and medical equipment, equipping medical laboratories and providing their supplies and operators

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